The Health Edge: Weight and Metabolism

In this episode of The Health Edge Mark reviews weight loss and metabolism from a systems-biology perspective. Mark reviews the central connection between lifestyle-environment and insulin-leptin feedback. Enjoy!

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One thought on “The Health Edge: Weight and Metabolism

  1. Marianne

    Thanks for doing this terrific podcast, full of important news to use.

    The dynamics changed for me after I broke my tibia and fibula 7 ½ months ago (snapped when I rolled my foot in a freak fall after a lateral elevation change in the dark). Since your 6/21/15 podcast on IF, I have gradually moved to doing intermittent fasting most days (at least 13 hours and usually 16-18 hours, as I skip breakfast) and track my glucose and ketones from time to time. Before my fall, my fasting glucose was in the 80s or even high 70s. Now my fasting glucose (even after 16-18 hour IF) is typically low 90s (occasionally high 80s), and that is the case even if my ketones are elevated. So, for example, at 10:35 am one day recently after a 16 hour fast, my glucose was 93 and my ketones 0.7. You said (and I agree) that one cannot burn fat when glucose is high, and I’m not sure how to make sense of these numbers.

    I’m back to doing all my normal activities, including lots of hiking in hills. My ankle remains slightly swollen – I was told to expect swelling for a year. The swelling is going down slowly over time, and the trajectory does not seem to be altered by anything I do or don’t do. My weight has inched up since my fall to a “new normal” notwithstanding that as far as I can tell I’m doing the same lifestyle practices as before the fall, which are the “right stuff.” I’m thinking this trend is related to my higher fasting glucose.

    My CRP was a nice low 0.6 before my fall. I haven’t had it checked since the fall and have wondered if there is (and will be for a few more months) inflammation from the healing process.

    I probably could knock the glucose down to where it was before the fall by doing fasts of 24 hours or longer. I have discerned John is not a fan of longer fasts, in part because they’re inconsistent with getting the nutrients one needs daily.

    Individually and together with John, you are the best source of practical information that I have incorporated in my life. I have benefited greatly from your wisdom and input and will appreciate any thoughts you have about this dilemma.

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