5 thoughts on “The Health Edge: A1 vs. A2 Milk

  1. Lorraine Antosiewicz

    Hi John and Mark. Just as a FYI…A2 milk is sold in Whole Foods in NJ.

    Question for John: For those of us who do not have any intolerances (eg, lactose or A1 incompatibility), do you feel grass-fed cow’s milk is a better choice than non-GMO, unsweetened, organic soy milk? Or vice versa?

    Personally, I prefer the flavor of soy milk but I’m concerned about glyphosate even though it’s labeled non-GMO organic.

    Thank You!

    • Thanks for your inquiry regarding milk of various sources and non dairy options. It is my opinion that there is always some physiological issue for all of us with A1 milk. Only A2 milk is biologically compatible. The gold standard of cow milk is 100% grass fed A2/A2 milk, ideally raw. The benefits from this are unequalled.
      The non dairy milks are generally poor for one reason or another….emulsifiers, sweeteners, natural flavors…..
      That being said, home made almond, macadamia or coconut milks can be excellent, nourishing alternatives. Each can be made easily with clean water and salt, an overnight soak and brief blender or emulsion work.
      Cheers, John

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