The Health Edge: Vitamin K2 and Heart Health


In this episode of The Health Edge Mark and John review the sources and biologic activity of Vitamin K2. This critical and oft overlooked fat soluble vitamin protects again calcification of vasculature, reduces risk of heart disease and cardiovascular mortality and improves bone and dental health.

Rotterdam Study

Coronary Calcium

Vitamin K2 and Vascular Calcification

Vitamin K2 and Bone Health

8 thoughts on “The Health Edge: Vitamin K2 and Heart Health

  1. Caroline Collard

    Hello Mark and John,
    Thank you for another excellent podcast (just catching-up on them!). John mentioned a supplement that combines D3, pre-formed vitamin A and K2 in a certain ratio which I think is 1,500-2000 IU of D3, 2000 of Retinol and 1,500 mcg K2 and I wondering if you could tell us the name of that product. I checked Pure Encapsulations’ K Synergy which has 1,500 mcg of K but has no vitamin A.
    Thank you

    • Hi Caroline,

      The supplement I was referring to was Synergy K by Pure Encapsulations. The vitamin A that I recommend is the liquid vitamin A drops by Klaire Labs, as there is no gelatin involved-serious source of glyphosate-just in MCTs.

  2. Elisa

    Hello, Mark. I am a registered dietitian and a big fan of your podcast! You mentioned the link between gelatin and glyphosate in your comment (I also know you and John briefly mentioned it in your GMO podcast). Do you know where I could find out more? Or is this something potentially for a future podcast? I know that bone broth is really big in the nutrition world right now, and there are plenty of bone broth and gelatin powders on the market. Lots of healthcare professionals are using and recommending them. It wasn’t clear if the gelatin was only of concern in a capsule, or if all gelatin powders, even bone broths, are an issue. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Caroline Collard

    I am also very interested in Elisa’s question re. bad sources of gelatin other than in supplement capsules.
    Thank you

  4. Thanks for this podcast! Do you know of a resource that provides vitamin K2 content in foods, both dairy, eggs and fermented vegetables including natto?

  5. Hi Mark,
    I have a couple of additional questions…
    1. Does the type of bean influence how much Vitamin K2 it contains (i.e. fermented soybeans vs. chickpeas)?
    2. Do you know if the fermentation process or other conditions affect the Vitamin K2 content?
    Any suggested resources for answers to either of these questions?
    Thanks much!

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