The Health Edge: The Metabolic Tune-Up

In this episode of The Health Edge, John and Mark discuss the concept of the “metabolic tune-up”. They examine critical micronutrients, often insufficient to meet the needs of optimal metabolic and mitochondrial function. In addition they discuss commonly used supplements as a “mitochondrial cocktail”.


Metabolic Tune-Up PowerPoint

Ames Metabolic Tune Up

Ames J Nutr 2004

Triage Theory -Bruce Ames PhD

Show Notes Metabolic Tune Up

4 thoughts on “The Health Edge: The Metabolic Tune-Up

  1. Caroline Collard

    Good afternoon John & Mark,
    Thank you for your Metabolic Tune-Up podcast. I think that as John stated many would like to believe that if they eat as well as they can there shouldn’t be a need – or not much of one – for supplementation. When you’re focused on eating a whole foods diet it’s hard to think that lab-made supplements would go hand-in-hand with that way of eating. But the fact that you both consume supplements is really making me think differently.
    Would it be possible for you to post a list of the core supplements you mentioned and the minimum daily dose that might be beneficial even for people who try to eat as healthy a diet as they can?
    Thank you

    • Great suggestion Caroline. John and I will draft a list of commonly recommended supplements, doses, and indications for consideration. We’ll get this onto the menu bar on our web site.


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