2 thoughts on “The Health Edge: Prebiotic Fiber and Health

  1. Marianne

    This podcast, like so many others, arms me with some great info in areas that had been “blind spots” for me.

    Independently of this, I had been reading up on microbiome research as it applies to the immune system and some chronic neurodegenerative diseases. I had queried some researchers in that area, but they have been unwilling to proffer any opinion on practical implications of what they’re doing and have said things like, “Oh, it will be 10 years at least before we have that.” By way of contrast, your comments on butyrate dovetail well with what you said in the nutritional ketosis podcast about how to generate that ketone body (referred to there by its longer name and also BHB) and also what I’ve read about its role in regulating activation of a “way upstream” inflammasome that is constantly making determinations about whether to “press the nuclear button” in response to perceived threats. Go, butyrate!

    My husband read the Show Notes and asked about the fiber in nuts. (He’s backed away a bit from his unsweetened bran cereals and ramped up nuts.) I know there are omega 6 concerns . . . Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Profuse thanks for these amazing podcasts, which have informed countless aspects of my present lifestyle.


    • Marianne

      I meant to ask if you’re aware of any testing commercially available to your followers to ascertain the composition of the microbiome families of bacteria.


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