The Health Edge: Cancer Risk and Lifestyle


In this episode of The Health Edge John and Mark look at Cancer prevention and management. The focus is on the metabolic landscape e.g. insulin resistance, inflammation and oxidative stress from which many cancers emerge. John and mark explore lifestyle strategies to effectively reduce cancer risk and improve response to treatment.

Cancer Prevention Show Notes

4 thoughts on “The Health Edge: Cancer Risk and Lifestyle

  1. GREAT podcast! A subject I have been diving in to and yes, it’s all around all of us. John, you have assisted friends of mine here on MDI and my respect for you is HUGE. I’ve found ‘Global Quest-The Truth About Cancer’ to be useful to wake folks up and the book Tripping Over the Truth by Travis Christofferson to be a great tool to in the metabolic arena as your named researchers work is well developed here. Cheers and love, Sheila

  2. Marianne

    Thanks for this great info!

    You mentioned green tea extract several times as being very important and said you could do a whole podcast on this. Please do! In the meantime, it would be great if you tell us practices you incorporate in your own lives. Do you drink green tea, if so are there sourcing and brewing techniques that are important (as you gave in the coffee podcast). Do you take/recommend green tea supplements?

    As always, your thoughts/wisdom/guidance are MUCH appreciated!


  3. Sam May

    Mark, thanks for the recapping post you did by yourself recently. It’s good to know John will be back in New England and still doing podcasts with you!!

    I listened to the show yesterday on my 64th birthday. I want to take a moment and express my appreciation for what you and John have created and done with the Healthedge Podcast. It’s not easy to do what you do and certainly not easy to do it at a high level of consistency, relevancy and timeliness. Your work and this podcast came to me at just the right time in my quest to take ownership of my personal health. I listen to several podcasts and read plenty of literature. Your approach is always the most direct, right-on, relevant and sensible.

    Here’s the best part…. I got to play tennis yesterday on my bday and I felt much better than I have in years. Without a doubt it’s because of what you two have done over the last year and a half to bring so many disparate threads together for me, so that I can work a plan and achieve significant improvements in my weight, flexibility, power, level of inflammation, etc. Your work has made a difference to me. Thanks!!!

  4. Judy nielsen

    Great info. Would ask are there people that will work with you to set up a plan as you work through a cancer treatment. Would love to have the support of someone who could set an adjunct support plan. Many thanks

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