The Health Edge Episode 19: Diet, Lifestyle and Oral Health

6.17-importance-of-preventative-careJohn and Mark share a discussion with Al Danenberg DDS, a periodontist and holistic, functional practitioner on the critical connection between diet, lifestyle and oral health. The state of our total health is heavily influenced by the state of our oral health. Dr. Danenberg provides some game-changing perspective on creating the best conditions possible for achieving this. His web site and blog can be found at:

Your gut, your health, your choice !

One thought on “The Health Edge Episode 19: Diet, Lifestyle and Oral Health

  1. Marianne

    The podcasts are amazing — chock full of great information that has been sorted and digested and then given to us lay people in ways we can understand.

    Dr. Pettus, do you see patients? If so, I would like to make an appointment with you. I can give further background information about my needs/goals if consulting you is a possibility.

    Thank you for the podcasts.

    Marianne Autin

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