The Health Edge #20: Intermittent Fasting and Health

IF-268x300John and mark review the interesting topic of intermittent fasting and health. In this podcast they explore IF as a well established, fine-tuned adaptive strategy for both quantity and quality of life. Points of emphasis include:

  • The role fasting has played in human life over millennia
  • The benefits studied including weight loss, improved insulin signaling i.e., insulin sensitivity
  • Improved lipids, blood fats
  • Reduced inflammation

3 thoughts on “The Health Edge #20: Intermittent Fasting and Health

  1. María Posada

    I was sent this podcast by my dear friend Jane Schachat! Thirty years ago I did intermittent fasting on my own, in an empiric way if you will, for three months and I lost over 25 pounds. I am fascinated to understand all the benefits I received and why it worked. The scientific background is very interesting. I am totally encouraged to do it again for I simply know that it works!

  2. Marianne

    This podcast has a lot of important information of which I was previously unaware. Thank you so much for sharing this — it is so hard to identify sound lifestyles practices to preserve and promote health. I have incorporated intermittent fasting into my weekly schedule.

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