Gastrointestinal Barrier Function: Do you have the guts for health? Part 1

Recorded at The Health and Rejuvenation Retreat at La Montana Azul, Costa Rica on December 5, 2017. In part 1 of this overview of the role gastrointestinal “barrier function” plays in health and disease, Mark examines the gut as an immunomodulatory organ as much as it is a digestive organ. Common lifestyle disruptors of GI balance and barrier function will be reviewed. In part 2 Mark will address strategies for restoration of gut balance and what it means for healthspan.

Gut-Microbiome 2017 Powerpoint

Restoring Microbiome Powerpoint


Microbiome and neurotransmitters

Blaser Microbiome Revolution

Dysbiosis and Disease

Mayo Human Health

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