The Health Edge: Questioning current sodium guidelines

In this episode of The Health Edge, Mark and John review current guidelines with respect to sodium intake and the risks of cardiovascular disease. It is hard NOT to conclude that the current guidelines are not well aligned with current best evidence. This is another clinical, public health and cultural meme that should be re-examined.

Sodium, Potassium Intake and Cardiovascular Events

Cochrane Review- Reduced Dietary salt for the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Montana Azul CR Retreat with Mark and John December 3-8, 2017



2 thoughts on “The Health Edge: Questioning current sodium guidelines

  1. Tara Noseck

    Thank you for the great podcast on sodium. I understand the rationale and mechanism behind the thought of increased sodium and it’s relation to blood pressure and heart disease. I can appreciate the potassium link, but what is the mechanism?

  2. Hi Tara,

    Much of the research linking potassium (and magnesium as they have similar food sources) with BP reduction are from epidemiologic studies and interventional trials, DASH trial most noteworthy. Many mediterranean diet trials are also inherently high in these minerals show similar responses. Both potassium and magnesium lower systemic vascular resistance, an important determinant of BP. Thanks so much for listening to the Health Edge. Mark

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