The Health Edge: Light Quality and Health


In this episode of The Health Edge John and mark look at the connection between quality light exposure and health. They introduce the notion that the public health message of fearing sunlight exposure may be having the opposite effect of what was intended. In addition they examine the health impacts of “junk light”.

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Light and Health Show Notes

3 thoughts on “The Health Edge: Light Quality and Health

  1. Mary Drillock

    You two” ROCK”!!! Thank you so much for this information. What I find so fascinating for me is that I have come to the same conclusion that you two have regarding the sun, healthy light and eye sight degradation etc….and I am not a Dr., scientist or academic person what so ever. Thank you, thank you for listening, observing, feeling and for the great minds that you have and share. I have a sewing business and I am surrounded by 13 lights at this very moment with 3 of them 8 to 24 inches from my work and I still can’t see as well as I would like to. I have been very frustrated. When I was listening to your talk I paused and asked my husband to come and listen. He hears me go on about the lack of light quality, the damage I feel like the bulbs are doing to me and many other observances. Honesty I started crying and feel so alive and validated by this information. Once upon a time I new both of you in Lenox. Now I am back in California and heading to the Sierra’s for the summer for a life of sun, no cell reception, no Wifi, hard work and good clean fun. Best wishes for you both and thanks for all that you do.

  2. Marianne

    This is yet another gem of a podcast on an important “sleeper” topic. I spent a lot of time researching this area a couple of years ago after I was diagnosed with a progressive eye disease. I learned that the greatest damage to retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells in the eye results from exposure to light within the blue-violet spectrum between 415 nm and 455 nanometers. So I wear the lemon Cocoons when working at the computer or am under bright white light (such as at sporting events). They transmit 86% of visible light, provide 100% UVA&B protection, and block 40% of blue light and all visible light up to 470 nm. Outdoors in bright sun, I wear Eagle sunglasses, which provide UV protection and block visible light to 475 nm.

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