The Health Edge: Iodine Deficiency, Health and Thyroid Disease

Being Deficient in Iodine Affects Thyroid Function

John and Mark discuss the growing and largely under recognized problem of iodine deficiency. The explore the connection between iodine deficiency and human health with an emphasis on thyroid disease. An overview of testing and lifestyle-supplement strategies are reviewed.

One thought on “The Health Edge: Iodine Deficiency, Health and Thyroid Disease

  1. Thyroid, one of the most important glands of our body looks after the metabolism rate. It is an important part of endocrine system. As we know every part, hormone, gland in our body is designed in such a way that its production if exceeds the beyond limit or stays under the standard limit is likely to cause a problem in our body. Same is the case with thyroid. Therefore, it is very important to channelize these glands in order to be fit and not let it overpower our health.

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