The Health Edge: Holidays and Health


In this episode of The Health Edge Mark and John reflect on some of the common challenges of maintaining healthy choices around the Holiday season.

Robert Emmons PhD Gratitude Research U.C. Davis

Fred Luskin PhD Forgiveness Research-Tools

Creating Health: Berkshire Public Television

2 thoughts on “The Health Edge: Holidays and Health

  1. Marianne

    I haven’t watched this podcast yet but am very eager to do so.

    This Thanksgiving day, I’m grateful for good health and the conviction that I have the resources to help maintain that. On the long list of people and websites and lectures that have informed me, you two and The Health Edge top the list. I send you my heartfelt kudos and thanks.


  2. Marianne

    I watched this podcast the day after Thanksgiving and realized I’d incorporated virtually all these tips into my holiday yesterday, which had some challenging moments. A lot has sunk in from the years of listening to your excellent and informative podcasts! I’m especially glad you touted IF, which I first learned about from you and which has become a very important tool in my arsenal.

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