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  1. Elisa

    John mentions that glycine supplements and collagen supplements and powders should be avoided due to potential glyphosate contamination from grain-fed animals, which then enters connective tissue of the animals from which the supplements come from. I believe he also said that even grass-fed collagen powder could be contaminated? I am curious as to why this would be, if the cows were solely grass-fed with no grain? I know collagen protein powders are really popular right now and many practitioners recommend them, especially to those following the autoimmune protocol. It concerns me and I would like to know about the safety of the grass-fed ones. Many thanks.

    • Hi Elisa,

      In some instances, organic farms can experience cross-contamination from GMO crops or grains that use glyphosate for browning. Many grass-fed cattle are “grain-finished” and might acquire glyphosate if their corn, soy, or alfalfa are GMO.
      It can feel impossible to dodge these bullets so personally I feel one has to be pragmatic. In general I feel collagen (I use Great Lakes) and/or bone broth can be very important for gut and joint-connective tissue health. I would not worry if you are using collagen from a grass-fed, organic source. I believe we have a lot more to learn about the pervasive presence-risks of glyphosate as testing is not required and indeed rare. I hope this helps.
      Warm regards,

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