The Health Edge Episode 32: Sulfation and Human Health


John and Mark discuss the fascinating process of “sulfation”, the attachment of sulfur to molecules throughout the human body e.g. lining of our blood vessels, vitamin D and cholesterol as the “carrier”.

They explore the importance of adequate sulfation in detoxification, producing brain neurotransmitters, lowering cardiovascular risk, reducing inflammation, etc. They also touch on the impact glyphosate has on the sulfation process.

John and mark conclude with lifestyle strategies to enhance more effective sulfation.


Stefanie Sennef PhD, MS MIT Sulfation Research

2 thoughts on “The Health Edge Episode 32: Sulfation and Human Health

  1. Marianne

    This information is a game-changer, and I had been completely unaware of it.

    I am now reading Dr. Mercola’s interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff and saying wow with every paragraph. It’s very comprehensible, but so much information is presented I have to read a little at a time to take it in.

    I can’t thank you enough for presenting all this information in your podcasts, which is so important to health and not easily or readily available anywhere else.


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