The Health Edge: A Look at the PURE Study

PURE Study Lancet Abstract

In this episode of The Health Edge Mark and John discuss the recently published PURE study. This was a large study including over 13k participants in 5 continents from 18 countries. Lower amounts of carbohydrates and higher amounts of fat intake, as a percentage of daily calories were associated with significant reductions in mortality and stroke.

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2 thoughts on “The Health Edge: A Look at the PURE Study

  1. Marianne

    Very interesting. I greatly appreciate and marvel at, not only the dissemination of scientific information with practical takeaways, but the speed with which you address topics after information is published. The synergy between you two, given your incredible acumen in your respective fields, also sets these podcasts apart from the mass of information out there.

    You’ve referenced Health Edge subscribers several times. How does one become a subscriber?

    Thanks again for your significant contributions to my life.

    • Thank you Marianne! I believe on our web site there is a prompt to sign-up with a username-password. In doing so, future podcasts and announcements e.g. John’s Martha’s Vineyard retreat and our December Costa Rica retreat would automatically come to you via email. If that is already happening then you are subscribed.
      Subscribing on iTunes would assure an automatic download of our podcasts as they are published and released.
      Grateful thanks for being part of our “family”!

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