One thought on “The Health Edge 23: Lab tests- the “do not miss” tests for assessing cardiometabolic risk

  1. Peter

    Mark&John, its taken me about three months to collect a comprehensive range of tests, everything from DNA, food sensitivity, hormone levels, heavy metals, gut biome diversity etc. My goal was to establish a solid baseline so I could track my progress and keep an eye on my health. The amount of data is a little overwhelming, so I thought about using the obvious simple computer programs to manage it all (excel etc.). Then I ran across Justinhealth podcast #82 (, an interview by functional medicine provider Dr. Justin Marchegiani D.C. and one of his clients, David Korsunsky who works in the software industry. David is another functional medicine success story who regained vibrant health after reaching the limits of his MD. Faced with the same data management issue, he brought professional grade developer skills to the task and created a powerful, free, easy to use web based program ( available to anyone (the only fee based options are to have your data entered professionally) to not only track and analyze your progress but also to have a single domain for all your medical records, with the ability to securely share information if you wish. I am not affiliated in any way, just thought the data management issue would be pretty common to those of us with a lot of test results, and operating outside mainstream medical systems. To see some demos search YouTube for David Korsunsky, I think he now has four videos posted. I found this service not only a time saver, but the analytical tools far exceed anything I could have done on my own and offer the potential to catch issues that might have otherwise been missed.
    Paleolithic template meets Silicon Valley! Worth checking out.
    Still an ardent fan of your tireless efforts here, I’ve browsed around a lot of related podcasts and a great many either lack your expertise or are crammed with promotional content, ads, jingles and “news you can’t use”, so please keep doing what you’re doing! We your listeners are grateful.
    In health,

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