2 thoughts on “The Health Edge 18: Vitamin D and Health

  1. Jeff

    Hi guys. As always thanks for your podcast. I live in CT and my Vit. D bloodwork ranges from 21 to 35, depending on the time of year. I feel fine but know that I may not be aware of what damage those low (ish) levels are doing. What daily supplementation would you recommend for me to boost my levels up to the 40s and 50s? I feel like I get plenty of Vit A from the foods I eat so I’m not concerned about that. Thanks so much!!


    • Hi Jeff,

      While there can be some genetic variability on how effectively we convert vitamin D to it’s active form, in general for every 1,000 u/day we take will raise serum levels approximately by 5 points. I would suggest taking 4,000 units/day cholcalciferol (D3). Alternatively (though pricier in the short-term) The Sperti Vitamin D UVB lamp has been studied in protocols developed by Michael Holick MD, PhD at Boston University. Short daily exposures e.g. 5-10″ can predictably raise vitamin D levels as a nice summer sunny day would. Very best and thanks for listening! Mark

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