3 thoughts on “John Bagnulo PhD, MPH presents Nourishment: Part 2

  1. Caroline Collard

    Just finished listening to part 2 on nourishment. Those of us who have had the good fortune to learn from you never cease to be amazed at the wealth and range of information you can synthesize and analyse. It is truly inspirational – thank you again!

    I don’t know if there’s a part 3 that will be shared but would be interested to know if you still think that a 14 to 16-hr fast (most days) is still good for most people in order to recycle cholesterol (amongst other things) from a proactive health point of view.

  2. Ed Harrell

    Can you please clarify some information about rice and resistant starch? You say to let the rice cool down before eating. Are you saying completely cool or just warm? If I add rice to a stir fry do I need to let the stir fry cool to room temperature to get the benefit of resistant starch or is warm ok? Thanks for any help! I really enjoy your podcasts. Keep them coming!

    • Hi Ed,
      Good day!
      Ideally the rice (or potato) would be cooled to at least room temperature to assure conversion to a more resistant starch.
      The cooler the temp, the higher the percentage of resistant starch as the changes in “linkage” between the sugars shift in a way that reduces hydrolysis-absorption. Some people use potato starch e.g. 1-2 tbsp/day as a source of resistant starch. Plantains are also a good source.
      Thanks so much for listening to The Health Edge.

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