Fats and Health, A Primer Part 1

In this recorded presentation from Montana Azul CR on December 6, 2017 John Bagnulo PhD, MPH examines the various types and biology of fats. An overview of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and how we metabolically manage them forms the basis for health recommendations. This first of two parts from John will transform the way you think about healthy fat sources.

Lancet 2017 – PURE Study

Saturated fat, carbohydrate, and cardiovascular disease

Saturated, Polyunsaturated Fats and Cardiovascular Disease

full fat dairy and reduced cardiovascular risk

Light Quality, Entrainment and Health: Part 2

Recorded at The Health and Rejuvenation Retreat at La Montana Azul, Costa Rica on December 7, 2017. In Part-2 of this workshop, Mark reviews some interesting research linking “junk light” sources with poorer health outcomes. Loss of circadian synchronicity is a prime driver of chronic disease and diminished quality of light. This is an area of immense opportunity from a lifestyle intervention perspective!


Light and Health PowerPoint Slides

The Critical Relationship Between Light Quality and Health

Nikola Tesla once said (and I’m paraphrasing), to understand the universe one has to think of life in terms of electromagnetic energy,  vibration and light. In Part 1 of this two-part recording from The Health and Rejuvenation Retreat at La Montana Azul, Costa Rica on December 7, 2017  Mark reviews the science and research that clearly links light quality with all aspects of health and healing. Is junk light undermining your health?

Dr. Pettus’ Light and Health PowerPoint Slide Deck



The Health Edge: Plants and Anti-Nutrients Part 2

In this recorded talk from December 5, 2017 at La Montana Azul, CR John reviews important considerations for minimizing plant-based anti-nutrients as part of a biologically compatible diet. He explores the “why” and the “how” with respect to promoting health and minimizing gut disruption.