The Health Edge: Weight and Metabolism

In this episode of The Health Edge Mark reviews weight loss and metabolism from a systems-biology perspective. Mark reviews the central connection between lifestyle-environment and insulin-leptin feedback. Enjoy!

An Integrative Approach to Weight Loss: Pettus Grand Rounds

Calories quantityvsQuality

How calorie -focused thinking about obesity and related diseases may mislead and harm public health. An alternative.

Dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management. A critical review of the evidence

The Health Edge: Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease

In this episode of The Health Edge Mark and John discuss the growing epidemic of non-alcohol fatty liver disease (NAFLD). They review the contributors and share a lifestyle roadmap for prevention and reversal of NAFLD. Enjoy!

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The Health Edge: Questioning current sodium guidelines

In this episode of The Health Edge, Mark and John review current guidelines with respect to sodium intake and the risks of cardiovascular disease. It is hard NOT to conclude that the current guidelines are not well aligned with current best evidence. This is another clinical, public health and cultural meme that should be re-examined.

Sodium, Potassium Intake and Cardiovascular Events

Cochrane Review- Reduced Dietary salt for the prevention of cardiovascular disease

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