The Health Edge: Social Connection and Well Being

In this previously recorded episode of The Health Edge Mark reviews the research and mechanisms that powerfully link the quality of meaningful relationships in our lives with longevity and reduced disease risk.

Social Connection and Health: Are we born to bond?

Costa Rica la Montana Azul Retreat with Mark and John December 3-8

The Health Edge: Vitamin K2

In this episode of The Health Edge Mark and John review the sources and biologic activity of Vitamin K2. This critical and oft overlooked fat soluble vitamin protects against calcification of vasculature, reduces risk of heart disease and cardiovascular morbidity, and is critical for maintaining bone health.

Vitamin K2 and Vascular Calcification

Coronary Calcium

Rotterdam Study

Vitamin K2 and Bone Health


Rejuvenation and Health Retreat at La Montana Azul CR December 3-8, 2017

The Health Edge: A Look at the PURE Study

PURE Study Lancet Abstract

In this episode of The Health Edge Mark and John discuss the recently published PURE study. This was a large study including over 13k participants in 5 continents from 18 countries. Lower amounts of carbohydrates and higher amounts of fat intake, as a percentage of daily calories were associated with significant reductions in mortality and stroke.

John’s Martha’s Vineyard Retreat

Mark and John’s La Montana Azul Retreat December 3-8, 2017