The Health Edge: The Metabolic Tune-Up


In this episode of The Health Edge, John and Mark discuss the concept of the “metabolic tune-up”. They examine critical micronutrients, often insufficient to meet the needs of optimal metabolic and mitochondrial function. In addition they discuss commonly used supplements as a “mitochondrial cocktail”.


Metabolic Tune-Up PowerPoint

Ames Metabolic Tune Up

Ames J Nutr 2004

Triage Theory -Bruce Ames PhD

Show Notes Metabolic Tune Up

The Health Edge: Sodium and Salt…Where’s the sweet spot?


In this episode of The Health Edge John and Mark review current guidelines for sodium restriction. They look at recent clinical research and place current guidelines into a different risk-benefit analysis.


Sodium, Potassium Intake and Cardiovascular Events

Cochrane Review- Reduced Dietary salt for the prevention of cardiovascular disease